Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Mozambican Answer for Environmental Issues Related to Mining

Mining may be the sector that attracts maximum number of protests from the environmentalists. It is the same sector that has been held responsible for many environmental issues all over the world. We cannot deny the fact that mining causes an ecological imbalance and affects the natural environment of the region. However, we cannot stop mining for the sake of environment as it is one of the most important sectors that are responsible for the life today.
People from different walks of life depend on mining to continue living either directly or indirectly. You cannot even think about living without oil, metals and several other minerals which are used in the production of many articles we consider as essential things to live. So the best solution is to avoid the damages to the nature or minimize it.
Rising to the occasion, many mining companies have implemented various measures to minimize the effects on ecology. They are investing more on Eco-friendly mining equipments and tools and trying to avoid cutting down trees in the area as far as possible. Recently, LNG trucks have been introduced at many mining fields to minimize the pollution caused by diesel vehicles. 

Now the government in Mozambique has come out with a unique project to protect the environment in the Tete Province. 60% of this region is allocated to coal mines and many environmental activists and agencies have raised concerns many times in the past. The nation was not in a position to declare a ban on coal mining as it constitutes major part of its total revenue. After a series of discussions and debates the government has planned to start up a national park spreading across an area of 350,000 hectors here. The parks will have Hippos, Elephants, Lions and Tigers among other animals. As the area selected for building national park is with lot of trees and other geographical structures, it will not take much time to start the park.
Mozambique, which has one of the largest coal resources in the world, attracted the attention of many mining companies from the western hemisphere of the earth. Many well reputed mining giants have interests in this soil. Now they are in bit confusion on the government’s decision to balance the environment. They are worried but not started protesting against this new move of the government. Anyway, environmental activists and organizations are welcoming this initiative wholeheartedly.

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